Blankies and Bums ~ We've got you covered.
Blankies and Bums ~ We've got you covered.

There are many opinions in regards to washing your cloth diapers.  We have listed what we consider to be the most informative and accurate information.


A basic wash should be as follows;

  1. Begin with a cold rinse.
  2. Wash on hot with the highest water setting. If you have a HE machine throwing a old towel in to trick it into using more water is highly recommended.
  3. Follow with 2 cold rinses to ensure all the detergant is rinsed out.
  4. Hang to dry or tumble dry on low.  


Obbs and Lala is a mom who shares her wealth of knowledge with those looking to cloth diaper or for reviews on cloth diapers.


While there are many detergents out there many of them are not suitable for your cloth diapers.  Here is a link to detergents available in Canada.


Our popular choice for affordable laundry care that can be used in all of your laundry is Country Save. Another popular choice is the yummy smelling Laundry Tarts.

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