Blankies and Bums ~ We've got you covered.
Blankies and Bums ~ We've got you covered.

Cloth Diapering 101

If you tell anyone you are thinking of cloth diapering your little one you, will probably get a few odd looks followed by stories of what they think cloth dipaering is. After a quick glance through our diapering 101, you can tell them with assurance, "You have not seen the cloth diapers for today’s mom".

Cloth diapers are a far cry from the diapers and pins of old, and cloth diapering is definitely something to explore when you are a frugal mother.


I can tell you first hand that cloth diapering is easy, affordable, and is worth every moment of your time and dollar investment. ( I should also mention it is highly addictive)

You will not believe how easy it is or how rewarding the process of cloth diapering is- both financially and environmentally.

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